Astir Bicycles is a supporter of the "Pulmonary fibrosis research" part of the Lung research foundation.

In honour of "John Ioannis Moros" a long time sufferer of this insidious disease (now passed away 2017).

This disease has no cure currently (July 2018) and a lot of research is needed In order to offer assistance and support to sufferers. Within the coming few months and years we will be promoting the Education awareness and assisting in raising support with funds raised by ASTIR via different activities to be determined with the assistance of the Lung Foundation. (ASTIR is a small boutique company - yet we can still support research and awareness).  

We  start by making people aware of this disease, please take your time to read our link on what IPF is and how to identify if you have it and what to do.                 

IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis) 

We miss you Dad.

We miss you Dad.