Updated 3/2019

Q. How can we test ride your bikes?

A. We have a few different bikes available to test ride. As we progress with different models we have bikes available to try out. Drop as an email and see whats available. Test riding locations are in Adelaide South Australia and a booking is recommended prior to any arrangements to any rides.

You will need the following things to test ride our Magnificent bikes;

  1. Proof of I.D drivers license or similar on the day of test ride (No I.D No Test ride).

  2. A Helmet or we can supply you with one.

  3. Your Pedals or we use Shimano SPD Road and MB type.

  4. A fun attitude to enjoy the ride (Yes its fun to test ride Magnificent custom made Bicycles - Its Not a race).

    Optional Items:

  5. Bicycle insurance to cover you in case you have an accident (recommended).

  6. An emergency number to use if needed.


    Please remember that you are trying out a bicycle (One that is the property of an other person and care needs to be taken during the test ride - any damages over $150 needs to be covered by the person doing the test ride - Especially one resulting in a crash). Cycling is a sport that comes with risks and you need to accept these if you are going to cycle.

Q. I read on line that you will be making 3D Titanium frames. When will they be available and how much will they cost and How is it possible that you can do this when Big companies can not make them?

A. We are working with our suppliers for these 3D “Printed”tubesets and are still evaluating the “Best”method of making the frames. A completed 3D frame is still not available.. perhaps in a few years. In the short time we are evaluating 3D printed Tubsets to our specification and then we will have them 3D welded by a machine (Not by hand as they used to be made). Cost at this point of time has not been finalised yet but expect it to be priced as a “Top quality frame”. In order to accomplish this we are working with other small “Boutique” suppliers around the world, some based in Australia and over seas with collaboration we can archive progress.

Remember that On line “news” especially the type from on line forums and other media sources are just that … “Gossip” that usually originate from our “Friends”the “TROLLS” who usually have vested interests in promoting and “Bagging”others.

Q. Do you take part in “Hand Made Bike Shows”?

A. It depends on the condition of entry of these shows. Some are just a bike show were you find a variety of bikes made differently others are just 1 person hand welding a frame.

Q. How long will it take to have my Frame or Bike delivered?

A. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete them but can be up to 8 weeks if no parts are available. Sometimes we do not have any control over the availability of the parts.

Q. Do you advertise on line like Google and Magazines?

A. Sometimes we do. However our main customers do not want bikes off the shelf like the rest…. we do Custom and only a few every year. Our passion is Cycling and engineering.

Q. Do you used social media to promote your business?

A. Yes we have a Facebook account and a Instegram account were you will find our latest activities.

Q. Are Gravel bikes different to the Touring bike?

A. The Gravel bike has a shallower head tube, and more clearance for tires up to 42c and the BB is slightly taller for off road clearance. 

Q. Do you have 6/4 Titanium frames?

A. We are currently evaluating the possibility of trying this out. Still waiting on sample tubes and need to do the evaluation stage.

Q. Toe overlap on small frames, Can you design a frame without this problem?

A. Toe overlap on small frames (Usually under 52 size frame) is common if you want to keep the same handling characteristics on a bike. It is not a fault but a characteristics that a lot of small frames have. Yes you can avoid it but the bicycle will not handle the same as the test bike you tried out. Majority of riders with small frames know the bicycle and ride it accordingly and only need attention when turning U-Turns. Lots of articles have been written about this and what can be done to improve the toe overlap. 

Q. I want a 100% built Bicycle made in Australia. Do you do this?

A. Our Bicycles are Custom made and we use parts from all around the world. In order to have realistic turn around times.  NO we do not build everything.

Q. Do you have a BLOG?

A. We will with our next updated website.

Q. What Bicycle Model suites me best?

A. It depends on your riding style, flexibility, body type and personal preference.

Q. Do you update the Astir Webpage often?

A. For all the latest information and bike builds please see our Face Book page and Instagram page.

Q. We saw the ÄRTISAN at the bike Expo yet it is not on your website, when will you release it or update the website with this bike?

A. The ARTISAN is about to get its own page and all the information will be available for you to see soon. 

Q. I saw your bikes at the TDU2016 and was very impressed by the quality and finish on the frame, can you polish up any frame like this? 

A. Yes all of our frames have a unique type of finish, when you order a bicycle or frameset you will receive the same standard as you saw.

Q. How can I see your Bikes?

A. We now  do "Come and ride an Astir Bike" every weekend (Bookings required) we have a mixture of sizes and models most of the time , just gives a call and we can organize something for you. 

Q. Are your bikes race able?

A. Yes we have cyclist in grades that are racing their ASTIR bikes around Australia and now in France and Italy (Spring classics in Europe). 

Q. Can you build a Penny Farthing bike?

A. No not the completed bike but we can work with you for a Frameset.

Q. Do you sponsor cyclists?

A. We support cycling in many ways, from donating to assisting cycling groups. We are not a corporation ... but a small company that has a passionate team off talented people who work 24/7 to make the brand. We hope to be able to sponsor a cyclist in the near future, someone that will be our ambassador for "ASTIR"so ... that might be you?   

Q. Will you be at next years NAHBS?

A. Not at this point of time, we might be going to France though :)

Q. Why don't you have prices on your website?

A. All of our bikes are custom made, prices change and vary so much depending the selected components. Every month we get new offers and components so it is very hard to keep updating this information. It is easier to drop an email and we will get back to you.  

Q. Do you build trikes out off Ti?

A. We can build the frameset but you will need to complete the bike.

Q. There seams to be a lot off bike builders available (only a couple in Australia that do Titanium) how do you compare your bikes against them?

A. Selecting a bike that you like and feel comfortable with. Bike builders / frame builders love what they do. We are not a corporation and every single bicycle we make is important to us. If you are local (Australia) it is easy to have a chat and meet the creator off your bike ... not that many people have this opportunity in their lifetime. (Oh and yes our bikes are amazing .. come and have a test ride :)). 

Q. Do you do recumbent bikes?

A. Sorry not at this point off time. 

Q. Do you build Tandem Ti Bikes?

A. Not at this stage, tandem bikes are a very small part off the market and not that many people ride them.

Q. Are all Titanium bicycles the same, between brands?

A. No, every brand is different and also the type off Titanium used can be different. All our Titanium is Grade 9 (Certified) and we make sure that all parts on the bike are from this grade and not mixed.

Q. I like to learn how to weld Titanium, can you teach me?

A. Sorry we are not an engineering school and do not have the facilities to do this.

Q. Will you be at the Tour Down Under 2016? Like last year?

A. Yes we are working with the TDU2016 Organizers to be involved again, We are working on new bicycle models and expanding our range to include people that do Not just race but love riding comfortable bikes.  

Q. What information do you need to build a frame?

A. Best way is to get a "Bike Fit "done and we can use the information to build the frame. Alternately you can measure the reach & rise of the frame on your existing bike and we can start from that point.

Q. Why should I by an Astir Bicycle? What makes them different from the others?

A. When you by an Astir Bicycle or Frame you don't just by a Bicycle off the shelf designed for hundreds or thousands of riders. You are getting a customized machine that is designed only for you. The material selection, wheels, rims, frame design construction, geometry and finish is all done with one rider in mind (YOU).  This makes the bicycle truly Unique... remember we do not make 100 or 1000 per year each and every bicycle is been designed and built with 100% dedication and pride. Like a music instrument we fine tune our bicycles to meet the riders expectations and expect them to last a lifetime. Our after sales service is hands on and dedicated to the rider and his bicycle.   

Q. Do you bring out yearly models?

A. At Astir Bicycles we concentrate on designing bicycles that will last during the lifetime of the rider and perhaps beyond. Our philosophy is to have Quality, Design and affordability as our key product areas. We use a combination of materials sourced from all over the world to make our bicycles.

Q. Are there any reviews on your bikes?

A. Yes the magazine Cyclist Australia has done a review on the ""Titan" and is available from their website http://cyclist.com.au/ also we will have a few other magazines doing reviews for different models as time passes by.

Q. Do you have peoples contacts that I can speak to about your bikes?

A. All of the contact information is kept private. However we have Face book that you can chat and find out about how the bikes ride and what each rider says about their "Sweet ride"  www.facebook.com/AstirFrames also some of our riders like to network and chat directly with new Astir owners.

Q. Your frames & Bikes are very well priced in comparison to other premium brands... why?

A. We made a decision to outsource some of the expensive manufacturing parts yet still keep key processes in house and use off the shelf available parts on our bikes. This allows as to make very good quality frames and bikes yet keep the cost down so everyone can afford a custom quality made Titanium Astir bicycle. 

Q. Can you weld Titanium parts for me like a damaged part for a car?

A. We are NOT a WELDING FABRICATING SHOP... we design and build custom bicycles only.

Q. Do you consider your bicycles to be Australian made?

A. We design each bicycle model at our studio in Adelaide South Australia.  Make the prototypes, test our designs and adjust as needed to achieve our goal. We then source quality materials from all over the world to make the final product, that been wheels, frames or any other required component. We utilize in house skills and outsource some parts to be manufactured so we  keep the cost low.

At the end we make a final bicycle with the assistance of various suppliers Australian based and over seas based. We do not have the capability and capacity to make all the components and do every possible cut, weld, tube forming, polish and custom made part (we are not a welding, fabricating shop) However all of this work is done under the Astir brand and that is what we strive for, consistent improvement and refinement of our bicycles. We improve our materials, designs, cross skill utilization  and introduce quality improvements that benefit our riders for years. Remember a bicycle is not just a quality weld,  flashy paint job it is the combination of all of the above mentioned - an Antipodean masterpiece :)

Q. Can I purchase a Frame only?

A. Yes we offer a "FRAMESET" Option this is the Titanium frame, Headset, Stem, Seat post and clamp.

Q. Do you have Bicycles ready off the shelf for sale?

A. No all our bicycles are custom made to order. We only have pre selected geometry and parts.

Q. Are there different Geometries between Models? 

A. Yes the Sportive, Classic & Brevet have similar lines but the Geometry is different. Please refer to each Models specifications.

Q. Is the Top tube Sloping or Flat/Parallel?

A. The Classic & Brevet have Parallel top tubes. The Sportive comes with Sloping and Parallel. The Titan come in sloping only.

Q. Do you sell to shops?

A. No all our bicycles & Frames are made and distributed directly by Astir Bicycles & Frames.

Q. What tubing do you use?

A. We use Double butted & Straight gauge tubing Grade 9 Titanium.

Q. Can you do smooth welds?

A. Our welding is very smooth, you will see some small ripple on the weld surface, this is normal. We now offer hand finished welding  ... where you can not see any welds at all (Offered as an option).

Q. Do you only do Road bicycles?

A. We are currently introducing new models for Road and Touring and Gravel bikes.

Q. How can I order a frame or Bicycle?

A. Please fill in the Inquiry form with your request and we will get back to you.

Q. What type of payments do you accept?

A. Paypal or direct debit.

Q. Do you need payment upfront for orders?

A. For any order a deposit is required.

Q.Do you offer internal cabling.

A. Yes as an option.

Q. Do your frames work with Di2?

A. All of our frames can be used with electronic groupsets.

Q. Can I have Disc brakes on my bicycle?

A. Yes our "Astir Touring" option can be selected. This frame is designed to be a FAST TOURING bicycle. that can be loaded with Panniers & fenders for winter riding and long distance travel.

Q. Can I test ride one off your frames?

A. Every weekend we do a come and ride and Astir Bicycle. We have different sizes Small (52), Medium(54) Large(56) & Extra Large(58) & custom sizes. We take bookings and you can ride for 1 hour as many bikes as you like.

Q. How heavy are the frames?

A. Depending on size and tubing selection form 1.100grams(Medium)  - 1.800grams (XL)

Q. What type of forks do you use?

A. We use the Colombus brand ITM and ENVY and custom ASTIR carbon forks.

Q. If I send you my parts can you assemble me a bicycle and add any missing parts?

A. We only work with new parts.

Q. Can I have SRAM on my bicycle?

A. Yes you can just let us know what model you like.

Q. How long will it take for my Bicycle to arrive?

A. The process usually takes 12 - 14 weeks for any frame & Bicycle to be delivered. We are constantly updating our delivery timing and improving our turn around so give as a call for the latest timing.

Q. What warranty do you supply with your bicycles / Frames?

A. All of our Frames come with a LIFE warranty to the original owner. Parts are covered for 12 months.

Q. How do your bikes compare to .... Brands?

A. Come and try them out and you decide if you like a custom made Astir Bicycle.