Artisan - Z (e-Bike)




The Artisan - Z is an E-Bike (Pedal Electric)  that can be used as a commuter or as a fitness fun bike. The E-Hub used is from and is the smartest E-Bike system currently available. The Artisan-Z is fun to ride and has a system that gives the rider complete control over the way the bike manages the power and the way the assistance is provided. By the use of a smart phone Application.


The Bike can be customized to suite daily commutes or more of a coffee shop ride. The Zehus Hub provides 250 watt of power with the ability to self charge as you ride. With 5 pre-determined settings and custom  options you can customize the power delivery that suites your level of power via a Mobile App that records all the data of your trip. 


Riding the Artisan - Z is a different riding experience the bike feels lively when starting off and fast when climbing. Ones you pass the 25 km hour power assisted limit the bike feels like any other single speed bike, the power assistance from the hub stops and starts charging the batteries without feeling any significant drag.    The power support is smooth and progressive when you start riding at the 'turbo"mode the power is instant and urges you to move forward and the power assist is constantly available, at this setting the range is about 40 km  before you need to recharge the hub.

At its "Bike +"Smart mode the power is linear and progressing to the point that when climbing a small hill the assistance will come in after 3 or 4 pedal strokes and keeps accelerating till you reach the top speed 25km hour. Downhill you can pedal backwards to charge the hub and also stop, however the back pedal is not the only means to stop as emergency braking is provided with Disc brakes or caliper rim brakes.  At this setting the range is unlimited.


Who is it for:

E-Bikes are great fun, daily commuting and weekend rides become a lot more fun, hill climbing and descending add an other dimension to your ride. The Artisan-Z adds to your ride, it will not overpower the rider instead it will assist getting over hills and travel further while you exercise. 

 Will it replace your trusted Road bike? No it will add to the Fun Factor Artisan -Z adds an other dimension on riding, you as the rider adjusts to the power assisted ride. You learn that hills are now more fun, you can go further and faster than before and look forward to the "Boost"of energy, power you get at every hill and climbing turn. As always all the Astir bikes are customized to fit and suite your type of ride.

More E-Bikes to come in 2018 for Touring Road Racing & CX

Look up the amazing Zehus hub for more information